Celebrate Women's History Month

by The Human Rights Campaign

"American women of every race, creed and ethnic background helped found and build our Nation in countless recorded and unrecorded ways ... As leaders in public affairs, American women not only worked to secure their own rights of suffrage and equal opportunity but also were principal advocates in the abolitionist, temperance, mental health reform, industrial labor and social reform movements, as well as the modern civil rights movement." --Presidential proclamation, 1982.

As we look back and celebrate, we at HRC also look forward and acknowledge these women who stand for the American ideals noted above. They are facing tough elections in November, and all stand for equality for all, including LGBT Americans.

Recipients & Amounts

  • Wendy_davis_2014 Wendy Davis Democrat for TX Governor Most Americans first heard of Wendy Davis during her historic filibuster, but Texans know that she has always stood up for what is right. In the Texas Senate, Davis supports common sense laws such as the one in to ban workplace discrimination, but her likely Republican opponent, state Attorney General Greg Abbott, has opposed many pro-equality laws, including a hate crimes protection and the new nondiscrimination law in San Antonio. Davis can win this race for governor, but she needs funds to compete; please consider a contribution to this ally for equality.
  • Ifwt_senkay Kay Hagan Democrat for US Senate (NC) Senator Kay Hagan (D) won a close election in 2008 by ousting anti-equality Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R) in North Carolina, and Hagan’s reelection in 2014 is likely to be very close as well. Hagan has consistently stood up for fairness and is one of the only Southern senators to support full marriage equality. She is also a cosponsor of the inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and voted for repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" and the hate crimes law. Please support Sen. Hagan in this race that is certain to be very competitive.
  • Michelle_nunn_2014 Michelle Nunn Democrat for US Senate (GA) Throughout her career, Michelle Nunn has worked to empower individuals and communities, most recently as the head of Points of Light, the largest organization in the world dedicated to volunteer engagement. She's witnessed how individuals, through self-empowerment, are taking it upon themselves to lift up their communities and thinks Washington needs more of that kind of collaboration -- not finger pointing. On the Republican side, several candidates are looking to take her on this November, including three members of the U.S. House who have all consistently earned 0% on HRC’s scorecard. Help send a fair-minded voice to the Senate from Georgia; please make a contribution to the Nunn campaign.
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